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Notice of Annual General Meeting

Year End 30th September 2014

Central Liverpool Credit Union Ltd

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Central Liverpool Credit Union will be held at The Florence Institute Trust (The Florrie), 377 Mill Street, Toxteth, Liverpool, L8 4RF, on Friday 6h March 2015 at 7pm.

Matters of business

  1. To agree standing orders for this AGM
  2. To confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting of Central Liverpool Credit Union Limited.
  3. To receive, consider and adopt the Financial Report and the Application of Surplus, CEO's Report (on behalf of Directors) and Auditor's Report of the Credit Union for the year ended 30 September 2014.
  4. Appointment of Auditors
  5. Election of Directors (see note below)
  6. Consideration of Motions

Adopting proposed changes in the credit union rules

Several changes are proposed to the rules that will be itemised at the AGM. Any member wishing to have a copy of the proposed changes and the Rationale behind the proposals can pick one up in advance of the AGM from any branch or download a copy from our website.

  1. General:

a) Update on Charitable arm

b) Update on work with young savers

By Order of the Board,
Eileen Halligan, CEO and Company Secretary

Appendix to the Notice of AGM


Only members are entitled to vote. You will be asked to prove your identity on entering the AGM, and members will be given a coloured card to indicate their right to vote.


Only items on this agenda are up for discussion

Elections to Board of Directors: If you wish to stand for a vacant position on the Board of Directors you must prepare a short biographical summary of your experience that is relevant to a position on the Board and be prepared to read it, (or if necessary, have it read aloud for you) at the AGM. All elected Board members are conditional to being approved as an Approved Person. An approved person is an individual who has been approved by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and/or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to perform one or more Controlled Functions on behalf of an authorised firm. Approval must be obtained before an individual can perform a Controlled Function. (See Information guide on Approved Persons on our website or ask for details from one of our Branches). If you have concerns about whether you will be granted approval, you may talk in confidence to our CEO prior to the AGM, phone one of our branches, leave your details and our CEO will return your call.


To assist with catering, please tell us if you will be attending the meeting. RSVP by 28th February 2015 by any of the contact methods listed below. Please arrive by 7pm for registration.


A copy of the Credit Unionís current rules are available by request during business hours from the Registered Office at Hyslop Street, Liverpool L8 5UA. Tel: O151 708 5515

Annual Report

Copies of the annual report will be made available on our website and from any of our branches. If you are attending the AGM, you will receive a copy of the annual report at the meeting.

Contact Options

Head Office, Hyslop St, Liverpool L8 5UA Phone: 0151 708 5515

Kensington Branch 296-298 Kensington, Liverpool L7 2RN Phone: 0151 263 9353

Walton Branch, 245-247 Walton Road, Liverpool L4 4AR Phone: 0151 207 3020


Christmas 2015

Cut off date for Christmas loans in 2015 is Friday 30th October for all loans due up to 20th December.

Easter Loans

Cut off for Easter loans 2015 is Friday 13th March for all loans due up to 2nd April 2015.  

New Branch

Check out our new branch in Walton Road

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