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We have moved!

We are pleased to announce that our new head office opened on Monday 16th may.  The address of our new head office is: 141 Park Street, Liverpool L8 6QF. Our telephone number remains the same - 0151 708 5515.

Christmas 2016

The last day for accepting loans for Christmas 2016 is 31st October 2016 for all loans due up to 20th December 2016.  This means if you are due to apply for a loan on or before 20th December 2016 you need to submit it by 31st October 2016. 

AGM 2016

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Year End 30th September 2015

Central Liverpool Credit Union Ltd

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Central Liverpool Credit Union will be held at Head Office, Hyslop Street, Liverpool L8 5UA, on Monday 14h March 2016 at 5pm- 6.30pm.

Please Contact your nearest branch if you wish to attend.

FSCS Announces New Deposit Protection Limit

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is a deposit protection scheme that provides a level of cover for your money should anything happen to your bank, building society or credit union. We wanted to let you know that the deposit protection limit is changing from
1 January 2016
. This change applies to all banks, building societies and credit unions in the UK.

What's changing

For individuals: the level of cover is reducing from £85,000 to £75,000 per bank, building society or credit union



For joint account holders: each account holder will have a level of cover up to £75,000



For Business, Commercial & Corporate accounts protected by FSCS prior to 3 July 2015 and from that date onwards: the level of cover is reducing from £85,000 to £75,000 per bank, building society or credit union

In addition, from 3 July 2015, eligible deposits of large companies and small local authorities are also eligible for FSCS protection. For these customers the £75,000 deposit protection limit was immediately applicable, since these deposits had not previously been protected.

Five Star Show from your Credit Union

June 30th 2015

Three Credit Unions receive highest Fairbanking Mark from The Fairbanking Foundation

  • Archbishop of Canterbury uses the announcement to urge more people to consider joining their local credit unions

The Fairbanking Foundation - the not-for-profit charity dedicated to encouraging banking institutions to improve the financial well-being of their customers – has awarded its first Mark certifications to credit unions. The Central Liverpool Credit Union, London Capital Credit Union and the Enterprise Credit Union have all received 5 stars for their personal loan products. .

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who is a patron of The Fairbanking Foundation, welcomes today’s announcement and says it is another example of the positive role Credit Unions can play in society, and the lead they can take in helping to make banking fairer.

Credit Unions are member-owned financial cooperatives offering a range of financial services, including savings and affordable loan products with an emphasis on providing the best service to its members and putting people ahead of profits. Currently, less than 2% of the UK population are members of credit unions and although the sector is growing fast, it’s still very small by comparison with some other countries: for example, 46% of people in the US are members, and this rises to 75% in Ireland. To join a credit union, you have to fit within their ‘common bond’, which usually means living in a specified geographical area or working for a particular employer.

In order to receive this award, the credit unions had to demonstrate that their personal loan customers have experienced a tangible positive impact on their financial wellbeing from using the product features. These features include budgeting support, encouragement to prepay, providing support at the earliest opportunity and developing a savings habit. In addition to reviewing the financial well-being characteristics and features of the product, the process of assessment involves independent research carried out with a representative number of customers holding that product. This research is carried out to test the extent to which the theoretical benefits to financial well-being are delivered in practice.

Fairbanking’s assessment also reviews the provider’s complaints procedures and experience for the product in question. Funding to support the certification activities was provided by independent charitable foundation The Barrow Cadbury Trust.

Antony Elliott, Chief Executive of Fairbanking Foundation said: “Our quality mark programme is an important step in helping customers to identify products that have been rigorously tested for the financial well-being they can deliver. Crucially, it also provides a powerful incentive for financial institutions of all sizes to compete through continual improvement of their products in ways that will truly benefit their customers.

“We are delighted to award Marks to these three credit unions and we hope that this will encourage others to come forward and apply for our Mark. We are seeing strong uptake of the scheme in the market at the moment and we very much look forward to announcing further participants of all sizes as the year progresses.”

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said: “These awards represent an enormous vote of confidence in these credit unions, showing the service they provide is excellent as well as fair. I hope and pray that today’s awards will inspire more people to join credit unions, which have a very important role to play in making banking more transparent and fair, and in setting an example to the rest of the sector. I also hope the awards encourage more credit unions to apply for Fairbanking Marks, so that it is clear for all to see the valuable service they are providing to local communities across the country.”

Eileen Halligan, CEO, Central Liverpool Credit Union said: “Financial well-being is central to all of the products we offer, and this is reflected in the fact Fairbanking’s research with our personal loans customers reveals that many have one or more other products with us. We strive to be as transparent as possible and offer tools and real people for customers to talk to if they have any financial concerns around our products and are delighted our Share-based loan and Helping Hands loan have been awarded five stars. We also strive to be as competitive as possible, so it was pleasing to see that of the personal loan customers interviewed by the Foundation, 48% said that the loan rate we offered them was lower than they had expected, and only 3% said it was higher.”

Karen Bennett, CEO, Enterprise Credit Union said: “We are delighted to receive a mark from the Foundation for our personal loan product. As a credit union we are here to provide the best service to our members, so we very much put people ahead of profits. With this in mind, we can design products that are not only competitive, but which also have features that provide valuable assistance to members in terms of how they manage their money and improve their overall financial well-being.”

Martin Groombridge, CEO, London Capital Credit Union: “Our focus is always on our members, which is why 76% of our personal loan customers interviewed by the Foundation said that they had one or more other products with us. It is not just about offering competitive and transparent products, but also a range of features and services that help people manage their money better.

“Many in the financial services industry are too obsessed with getting into best-buy tables, but to do this transparency can often be lost with many products offering short term ”teaser rates” that can quickly get expensive. People with these products can end up worse off than if they chose another product that takes a more holistic approach to helping customers with their money.”

Christmas 2015

Cut off date for Christmas loans in 2015 is Friday 30th October for all loans due up to 20th December.

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