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Volunteering for your credit union


Your credit union is looking for business professionals, community champions and people with leadership qualities who are willing to share their knowledge and skills and volunteer their time. Whether you have a few hours or can commit more of your time, there is someway you can volunteer with your credit union. This leaflet gives you some ideas on how to get involved. Speak to your credit union about what you can do.


Your credit union is a non-profit making co-operative that is owned and controlled by its members. That means as a member you have a say in how the credit union is run and can take part in the decisions of the credit union at the Annual Members? Meeting.


But did you know there are many other ways that you can get involved in your credit union? Your credit union depends on volunteers to help it operate in the community it serves.


They provide a flexible and motivated workforce not otherwise available to a credit union with limited financial resources.


Whether you have an hour a week to spare or can give much more of your time, there is some way you can volunteer in your credit union.


Why be a volunteer?

Volunteers are a key part of the credit union and their enthusiasm and commitment is relied upon. Getting involved in your credit union:


Gives something back to your community

Utilises your skills and attributes

Gives you access to training and development

Brings you into contact with others in your community


It doesn?t matter how little or how much time you have to offer, there is some way you can get involved.

Your credit union is looking for people who can offer business and developmental skills across a wide range of disciplines. Whether you have an hour or two to spare or can commit more time there is a role for you if you have any of the following knowledge or skills:


Financial Management



Lending Practices


Strategy Planning


Coaching & Mentoring


Business Development Business Operations Customer Service Marketing

Human Resources

Governance & Membership Development

Community Development


Design & Publishing

Don?t think you have anything to offer?

Yes you have ? everyone has something to offer the credit union. You don?t need to be a financial expert or a wizard on the PC. Talking to your credit union will reveal your potential contribution.


Not sure you can give a commitment?


Your credit union would expect some commitment from you ? how much is for you and your credit union to decide. Helping with mailings involves much less commitment that becoming a director of the credit union. Do not commit to time you cannot spare. Start with a couple of hours commitment at first and see how that goes.



Don?t know anything about credit unions?


Don?t worry, you can learn. The credit union will give you an introduction to credit unions as part of the induction process. You?ll be surprised how quickly you pick things up!.


Have you thought about becoming an elected director of your local credit union?

Credit Unions are co-operatives whose directors are elected by the membership. The Board of Directors has a vital role in providing leadership and direction to a credit union and is the governing body that makes the policy decisions. Credit unions need people with a diverse range of skills & knowledge to help them develop. Credit union directors are not paid for their work but expenses are covered.


Other elected positions in the credit union include: Supervisory Committee member ? this is the internal audit committee of the credit union with a specific role of ensuring the credit union follows rules and regulations and is run properly.

Credit Committee ? this is the committee that oversees the lending process.


OK I?m ready what do I do next?

Speak to your credit union. An informal chat will help you decide what you want to do and where your skills are best utilised. The credit union will interview you to assess your skills and attributes and determine your suitability to any particular role in the credit union*. If you wish to be a director of the credit union you must be elected into the role. Ask the credit union for details.


*The credit union has the right to refuse a person as a volunteer and where appropriate will give a reason for that refusal.


Credit Unions are an ethical source of financial services and help communities grow by keeping money in the local economy, as well as being a key player in tackling financial exclusion.


? Credit unions are co-operatives run for members by members


? Credit unions offer savings products and provide affordable credit to members


? Many credit unions offer a variety of insurance products including free life savings and loan insurance*


? Any profits made by the credit union may be returned to the members in the form of a dividend on savings and/or reinvested into the credit union. This means that any profits made stay in the community and do not go to investors outside of your community.


? One of the requirements of the Credit Union Act 1979 is that credit unions educate their members on the wise use of money and promote responsible savings and lending


*limits apply








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