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Banking with Central Liverpool Credit Union


We currently offer two ethical banking products to help you manage your money.

Unlike the big banks we are based in the heart of the community with no International call centres or excessive money making charges.

Each account has been made with facilities and benefits designed to make managing your finances easier.

We offer a traditional bank account or a prepaid visa card. In addition we offer great savings and loan products available to all members.

To find out more simply choose an account type from the drop down menu.

Which account is right for me?


To help you decide which account is best for you, choose the features that are most important to you from the list below.

I would like to let my suppliers take regular agreed payments so my bills are always paid on time 

You will need to be able to set up direct debits. This facility is great for when your bill amounts change each month like mobile phone bills or if the payment date changes. It is also a great way to save money as paying by direct debit as discounts are often given by suppliers for paying in this way. You can cancel a direct debit directly with CLCU.

If your bills amounts for each supplier do not vary much from month to month you may want to consider the Credit Union  budget account. It costs a similar amount to the Current Account, but you do not get charged for returned direct debit fees when there isn't enough money in your account.

The Credit Union Current account provides a direct debit service

I would like to set up regular fixed payments to pay my bills 

If you would like to set up regular amounts to pay bills or to repay a loan or to save money you will need the standing order facility available with the Current Account.

Standing orders are in your control (not your supplier) and take up to three days for the payment to be received so set them up at least three days before your supplier is expecting the payment, longer if the date falls on a weekend or bank holiday. You need to have sufficient funds in your account for the payment to be made..

If the flexibility and control of having standing orders are important you will need our Current Account

I would like to pay for things in shops or on-line with a card 

If you would like to pay for things in shops or on line with a card you will need a Debit Card or Pre-paid Card. You will need to have enough money in your account to be able to do this.

Both cards are Visa cards

I would like to take out cash from a cash machine 

If you would like to get cash out from a bank cash machine at no charge by the credit union then the current account is a good choice.

If you the current account is not for you then the prepaid card will allow you to get cash out of a bank cash machine for a small fee of 75p. If you want to avoid this charge some shops offer a cash back service. This means they add the amount to your bill and give you the difference as cash. This is FREE of any charge

Some cash machines will charge you for cash withdrawals. Please check that the service is offered for free before using your card

The cost is important to me

If paying a set regular minimal fee for the service is important to you then the current account is just 4 a month for light use of under 12 transactions and 6 a month for more. .

If you just want to pay for your card as you go then the prepaid card is a very affordable option.

All the services provided by the current account cost the credit union money and so we cannot provide free card accounts. The good news is, as a not-for-profit, we do not make any profits from the fees and we do not charge high fees like many other bank accounts to pay for free banking. The costs are shared out as equally as possible among all our current account members.


Find Us here:
centralcu centralcu
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